FRA is proud to provide professional aerospace technical services to our esteemed client-partners in both government, and in industry.


The Boeing Company

Quiet and Efficient Flight Operational Procedure Development and Validation

ArcGIS® Tool Development and Noise Engineering Support to Research & Technology


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test & Engineering Services (FAA eFAST)

NextGen METROPLEX Transformation


NASA Academic Mission Support (NAMS)


Very Light Jet Single-Pilot Workload Assessment

DFW End-Around Taxiway Study

Harcourt Assessment

​Technical Advisors – Aviation English Testing

World-wide Marketing

Institute for Behavior Research

Flight Attendant Fatigue Study


Radar and tower air traffic controllers for Joint Test & Evaluation support


UAS NAS Integration – Current & qualified UAS (MQ-1 & MQ-9) pilots (FAA Tech Center)

Meggitt Defense Systems

Flight Test Platform Sourcing and Integration

Monterey Technologies

Human Factors Automation Requirements for NextGen Systems

Rotorwing Technology Development 


UAS Integration Into the National Airspace System

Terminal Area Precision Scheduling System

Terminal Area Parallel Procedures Research (TAPPR)

Aviation Cognitive Engineering

3D-Path Arrival Management (3DPAM)

Trajectory-Based Automation System (TBAS)

SARDA - Spot and Runway Departure Advisor

Integrated Resilient Aircraft Control (IRAC)

Robust Automation Human Systems (RAHS)

Pan American International Flight Academy

Aviation English Provider

Research and Training Partner

Panama – Civil Aviation Department

Aviation English Testing

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