Core Services

FRA provides current and qualified aircrews, engineers, and subject matter experts to the rapidly maturing market of newly developed aircraft in the National Airspace System (NAS).  Today, FRA provides support to NASA, FAA, and industry to further enhance access to the NAS by these new aircraft.  These new aircraft include unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles (both manned and unmanned), and spacecraft that will require integration with the NAS upon launch and recover, as well as sub-orbital trans-sonic air vehicles whose performance will drive a new set of solutions for NAS integration.

FRA provides professional pilots, air traffic controllers, ramp controllers and dispatchers, acoustic, human factors, and systems engineers to NASA and the aerospace industry in support of advanced research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E).  Our staff at the NASA Ames Simulation Laboratories provides over 20,000 hours of technical expertise and services per year.

FRA provides subject matter expertise from the air traffic management, professional pilot, and environmental engineering perspectives.  With the advent of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) initiatives and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures in today’s aviation environment, operators in Parts 121, 135, and even Part 91 can bring new solutions to old challenges.  FRA offers a stable of highly qualified experts with decades of industry and government experience that can help you gain access to new procedures, and increased profitability.


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